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Swarovski Winged Eyecup/Rainguard Set for EL and SLC Binoculars

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Protect your mid- and full-sized Swarovski EL or SLC binocular in style with this winged eyecup and rainguard set! This set will work with the Swarovision binocular.

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Can work with Swarovski Habicht SLC - 09/14/2015

by Optics Reviewer #1 from California

This product (BAC-SK-44106), the Swarovski Winged Eyecup/Rainguard Set for EL and SLC Binoculars, is not the original design for the rubber armored 8x30 WB "Swarovski" "Habicht SLC" binoculars, but it is an adequate improvised fix for them. The winged cups themselves would have to be glued into place, but once in place they will shield the eyes well. The Rainguard cover will cover the original eye shields adequately, but it will not friction fit in place (it will be loose). For me, this was only a minor issue as the Rainguard cover fits snugly on my binocular straps, and stays in place from that friction. With this Eyecup/Rainguard and a pair of "Swarovski CL Objective Lens Covers" (BAC-SK-44004)you can adequately refurbish the rubber armored 8x30 Swarvski Habicht SLC lens covers. Not original equipment, but it does work.

Must Have Swarovski Accessory - 07/25/2015

by Michael H. from Houston TX

If you do not use eye glasses with your Swarovski bins, you should get a pair of these winged eyecups. They help with eye placement, stabilization, and keeping out stray light. I have this accessory on my 8.5x42, and 8x32 EL Swarovisions. I liked them so much I took a chance and got a pair for my wife's 8x32 Companions. While they are a little loose on the Companions and sometimes require a quick adjustment before deploying (perfectly easy and fast because they are a little loose)she loves them. Using them does require that the eye pieces be fully twisted up but with the large Swarovski cases they still fit perfectly in the case. Installation may be a bit tricky at first on the ELs which they fit snugly but with patience and care it can be easily done after a try or two. I am sure there is a good instructional video somewhere but here's my method. First you may want to gently stretch out the winged eyecup a bit to make it easier to install. Twist one eye cup all the way up and set the winged cup on top of the eyepiece in the proper position for your eye. Keeping the winged cup in place twist the eye cup all the way down. At this point the winged cup will not be in proper position because you have twisted the eyepiece down. Gently work the winged cup fully down onto the rubber cap portion of the eyepiece. Extend the eyepiece all the way up and check the positioning of the winged cup by placing the bin to you eyes. If positioning is not good, don't try to adjust it while it's on the eyepiece, remove it and start over. If positioning is good, gently work the winged cup down onto the barrel of the eyepiece. Test the positioning again now that the winged cup is fully installed. If it is not right do not try to adjust while it is in place. Start over. Second time should be the charm. Again these cannot be used with eyeglasses nor if you do not use you eyepieces fully twisted up. Otherwise, buy them.

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