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Swarovski UTA-Universal Tripod Adapter

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Sometimes extra stability is a must, and the Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter is the ticket to quickly mounting your EL binocular to a tripod. The lightweight, compact adapter fits directly into Swarovski tripod heads or easily screws onto other tripod plates. Designed to hold the binocular with extra security, the UTA offers a slip-resistant surface and strong band that stretches across to hooks on one side.

Note:This adapter will not work with Swarovski 56mm binoculars.

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Bulky - 10/28/2014

by Kenny from CA

Recently purchased this tripod adapter for my EL 10x42's. First off, Optic Outfitters service was perfect. Received the adaptor very quickly.

My opinion. Swarovski needs to put in a little effort here. For a set of bino's costing almost 3K, this is the best they can do....really?? Over a $100.00 for a bulky flat piece of plastic and a heavy rubber band. I bought it because I could find no other way to attach the bino's to a tripod. Am I happy with it? Not even close. As I said it's heavy, bulky and makes the bino's hard to adjust to fit your eyes. If there was another option available I would send this back.

Many other bino manufacturers have excellent tripod mounts but since Swaro doesn't put the threaded adaptor on the 10x42's they can't be used. Step up to the plate Swarovski.

Just my opinion.

Swarovski Tripod Adapter - 10/28/2013

by Gary E. from Rock Springs, WY

Excellent product!! Works great with my 12x50's. Easy to use and fits easily in your pocket if you need to take it off the tripod.

Review - 07/15/2013

by Rod from West

It works as it should on the 12x50 EL's. I use this with the Outdoorsman pistol grip head, Vanguard window mount, and the Swarovski 101. It is a tight fit on the 12's, but it is light and packable. If I was looking at this mount strictly from a pack hunters perspective I would go with the Outdoorsman mounting system. It's cleaner and less cumbersome overall. But if you want to use this with a variety of heads as I do then its a winner.

Great for stabilizing larger binoculars - 06/23/2013

by Dan from California

I recently purchased Swarovski's new universal tripod adapter for supporting my Swarovski 12x50 SV binoculars. The adapter is light weight and easily holds the binoculars in position. Binoculars this size and magnification are difficult to hand hold steady, so using them on a tripod makes a huge difference. I also found that a light weight tripod is quite sufficient for these binoculars. the only con is that the adapter is a bit pricey for what it is. You are paying the premium for the Swarovski branding.

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