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Swarovski EL/SLC 42mm Binocular Objective Lens Cover

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What's the first thing to get lost when you take your binoculars out in the field? The loose plastic caps provided by many manufacturers. These tethered lens covers are just what you need!

  • Tethered lens cover stays securely on the objective lens.
  • Rubber material is durable for seasons of satisfying use.

Note: This objective lens cover is sold individually and fits snugly over the objective lens of Swarovski 42mm EL SLC binoculars and measures at a diameter of 53mm.

Total Reviews: 16

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Excellent service - 09/12/2015

by Judy from Calif

The items arrived as indicated and were perfect!

Replacement Obj Lens Covers - 12/30/2014

by Jimmy R D. from Marietta, OK

My first order from a competitor was billed as original Swarovski parts, but did not fit properly & would not stay on the bins. What you sold me is exactly what I was trying to replace. Good job, thanks.

SUPER SERVICE - 05/15/2014

by William B. from PRESCOTT,AZ

I ordered a set of Objective Lens Covers and I received them within a few days; unfortunately they were the wrong size, my fault, not theirs. I called them and spoke to Ben and he shipped out the correct parts immediately.
I merely shipped the incorrect covers back and the credit showed up on my card within a day or so.

The neat part was that he took interest in my order and responded very quickly to replace the incorrect part.

Thank you Ben for your help


Bill B.

fit is fine - 03/07/2014

by Lainie E. from Arizona

I read the reviews before purchasing and was concerned that they wouldn't fit and would slide off.
That wasn't the case, the loops fit snuggly around the end and the cap fits on the lens and stays on as well.
In the past, I had one break, lost another.
The price is right for this needed accessory.

Outstanding service! - 10/24/2013

by Kathleen R. from California

I ordered the wrong size binocular objective lens cover. When I called to find out how to return, I spoke to a very helpful person (don't recall name) who helped me with the return and also addressed my questions regarding a repair problem I had with binocs I purchased some time ago from Eagle Optics. I learned that I could have the binocs repaired at no cost. Sent everything off and immediately received a refund for the binocular objective lens covers and shortly after that received my repaired binocs.

Effective replacement - 11/05/2012

by Roy S. from United States

Good purchase, this lens cover fits perfectly, and the price is reasonable considering my investment in Swarovski EL binoculars. I bought an extra lens cover to leverage the $4.95 shipping cost.

It fit fine - 07/10/2012

by Kevin from Boerne, Texas

Lost my lens cover and this worked just fine at a good price.

Not best fit for EL Swarovision 10X42 - 09/08/2011

by Sue from California

RE: Swarovski EL Swarovision 10X42s:
Although the cover does fit onto the binocular body fine it's different than the one that came with it that I lost. The cup is deeper and hits the hinge in the middle of the binocular so it's not as tight a fit but it does cover the lens without popping off so it will work for you. It's just not as cool as the ones that came with it.

lens cover - 11/27/2010

by kendel from missouri

This replacement fit perfect! Just like the original.
I received my order in just a few days. Great service!!

Lens Cover as advertised - 11/03/2010

by Kent from Lewiston, Idaho

The objective lens cover is identical to the original received with the purchase of the Binoculars. Would have given a 5 star rating except, at $14, it is overpriced. However, all web sites investigated had the same price. Eagle Optics provided free shipping while some others didn't.

Good objective lens cover - 09/07/2010

by Seth from United States

I have had my Swarovski EL's for over a decade now (I think). The lens covers for the objective lens occasionally get old and crack, and on one occasion I lost one somehow. The price has gone up over 50% since I last ordered, but the quality is still excellent. Eagle Optics' service is fast and reliable as usual.

great to have it again...! - 06/03/2010

by Diego Calderon-F. (COLOMBIA Birding) from Colombia

I got one of this lens cover lost in my last Venezuela trip guiding birding tours in April 2010... immediately after returning I ordered one to EagleOptics and swiftly I got it hanging from my Swarovski ELs.. love to have them because when I am driving I leave my bins in between the drivers seat and the emergency break and sometimes they just move when driving in rough terrain; so this way my lens glasses are ALWAYS protected!..

Swarovski EL lens cover - 05/06/2010

by peter thomas from San Diego

Exactly like the original piece. Not sure how the first one was lost. Functions well. Rather expensive for what it is. Would purchase again if it became necessary.

Lens cover - 03/30/2010

by candace linnell from Spring creek nevada

Thank you very happy with the lens cover...

Swarovski Lens covers - 03/29/2010

by KBC from NY

Eagle Optics was the only supplier who have this item in stock. I lost one lens cover in a Costa Rican forest preserve. The lens covers are manufacturer originals and fit perfectly. On the negative side, They are unduly expensive as are all Swarovski products.

Under-engineered - 03/03/2010

by Roy Harvey from Connecticut

I've been using my Swarovski EL 8.5x42 binoculars for several years. In that time I have gone through several sets of these objective covers. The normal failure mode is to break where it attaches to either the cover or the ring. Both of these joints are at tight right-angles. This creates a concentration of stress at that point; this is basic engineering. If they added a bit more rubber at these joints, making it gradual - or perhaps I should say filling in the sharp corner with more rubber - the tendency to break at those points would be much lower. Again, basic engineering. The mold for making these parts will be very expensive, but since the idea is to add more rubber that could be done (in theory) by removing material from the mold rather than starting over. Swarovski HAS to know about the problem; I do not understand why they have done nothing (that I can see at any rate) to address it.

The last one of these I have has found a new failure mode - it kept falling off. The ring didn't grab the barrel tightly enough. My solution, such as it is, was to put the ring from a broken one on above the complete one. That one is very tight, and it only intrudes a bit on the cover going on all the way.

But it is still the only game in town, so I guess I will keep spending money on replacements as long as I use the ELs.

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