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S4 Gear Lockdown Binocular Harness-Large (Black)

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Look no further for the ultimate in binocular harnesses. A well-made design from S4 Gear, the Lockdown impresses with with its slim, lightweight construction. It adjusts to all body types and the large size fits binoculars from 6 to 7.5 inches tall. Multiple stap adjustments easily allow you to exactly fit the harness to your comfort level. This custom fit eliminates the always annoying bouncing binocular when you are on the move, yet allows for tension-free viewing.

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Doesn't relieve load on neck - 07/20/2015

by Harrison K. from United States

This harness works well to remove the "bounce" when walking, but it does nothing to remove the weight of the binoculars on your neck. I am returning it and replacing it with the Eagle Optics harness, which I have used before, and which does take the weight off the neck.

Simply the best - 03/31/2015

by Glenn B. from Pensacola, FL

The S4 harness have a few features that make it stand head and shoulders above all other harness systems. First off is fit and comfort. The wide back panel spreads the load evenly across your back and shoulders making the binocular load all but disappear. I use Theron 8x42 apochromatic triplets and they're heavier than normal with the extra glass but when in the S4 I forget they're there. There is no strap dig, no undue's just comfortable as can be. Secondly the binoculars are protected very well in the cover. Most harnesses simply leave the binoculars hanging in the open, unprotected. Oh sure you could re-cover the lenses every convenient is that? Lastly with almost every other harness system out there you get that pain in the arse strap tightening as you bring the optics to eye. Yeah, I know, they tout that as a "feature." I'm not suite that stupid. The S4 uses adjustable tension bungies attached to the shoulder sections. You simply flip the cover of, pull the binos down and out and bring them to eye. The bungies go slack at that point. No pulling under your armpits, no tight straps. Side benefits would be great build quality and a nice pricepoint. Overall a great product that goes above and beyond what it is designed to do.

Great for birding while hiking - 04/15/2013

by Scott from Northern California

I do a lot of birding while hiking and have started to use trekking poles to aid in climbs and descents. This means my hands can't be tied up holding binoculars to prevent them from swinging around. The Lockdown Binocular Harness addresses this problem perfectly. The harness secures my bins against my chest while I am hiking. When I need to use them I simply unhook an elastic strap and can quickly pull them up to my eyes. While secured the lenses are covered and protected from rain/spray (and sweat). I can wear both the harness and my day pack without any discomfort. So far I am very satisfied.

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