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Eagle Optics Tethered Lens Cover Set (Large)

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What's the first thing to get lost when you take your binoculars out in the field? The loose plastic caps provided by many manufacturers. Measure the outside diameter of the binocular barrel to determine which size of these tethered objective lens covers you need. These lens covers:

  • Fit an outside diameter of 57mm.
  • Come as a set of two lens covers.
  • Stay securely on the objective lens.

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Great for Canon IS III 12x36 - 02/06/2016

by Michael H. from Houston TX

I got these based on the very helpful recommendation from Lauren of EO to fit my Canon IS III 12x36 which do not come with objective covers. They fit and work perfectly. According to reviews and blogs, many people are searching for objective covers for the Canon IS III 12x36. These are the ones to get. Obviously they work with many other bins as well. Thanks!

Good quality - 12/15/2015

by Steve from Illinois

I bought the size Large EO Lens Cover Set not knowing, even after watching the EO measuring video (diameter of lens plus surrounding case with ruler) if it would fit my Zeiss Conquest HD 15x56 (2015 model) binos. Large does not, too small. And it does not fit my Carson 3D ED 10x42 models either, too large (didn't think it would; just trying it out). So, it's back to the drawing board for my Zeiss Conquest HDs (perhaps I'll drive up to EO in 2016 and try some in person). Hope that info can help someone with those models.

That said, these are high quality, nice and rubbery, and I like that they have pull tabs on the bottoms of the covers which should allow them to easily be pulled off the lens. For that reason, I'm keeping these (eventually I'll have binocs that will fit them). As always, exceptional service from Eagle Optics. Thanks!

Lens Sizing - 06/24/2014

by R. L. from Oviedo, FL

I have purchased this product before and it is a very high quality lens cover. My issue is with the size of the the cover. It is a suggestion only (as I know that the folks at Optic Outfitters don't have time to just sit and match lens covers to brands all day) if the cover sizes are matched to the banocs. I have one down for you: the large cover set does NOT fit the Zeiss Conquest HD. It will take a size smaller.
With that said it is beyond me as to why the companies who mfg. binoculars do not make these covers. They provide rain guards don't they? My Zeiss's were not cheep but they still could not bring themselves to throw in a set of covers. They don't even sell them separately.
As for the unconventional "banocs", if that was good enough for Barney Fife its good enough for me!

Good product - 05/14/2012

by Daktoid from Northern California

I thought I'd share some knowledge.... The medium version of these works great on Nikon monarch 8x42s. These large ones are too big for Nikon premier/lxl 8x42. I'm still looking for caps for those, nothing measures quite right. I do recommend the lens covers if you can get the right size, Nikon lens caps are always junk if they even give you any at all! These EO ones will stay on and not get lost.

Worked well - 04/03/2012

by Al from Twin Cities

Our canon 12x36 do not bring covers for the objective lenses. These worked great for us.

Better Than The Swarovski OEM Covers - 05/20/2011

by William from Cincinnati, Ohio

The lens covers that came with my Swarovski 8X30 SLC binos were forever coming off with the slightest bump or brush against clothing. The binos are great but the designers must have stuck the OEM lens covers on as an afterthought. The Eagle Optics covers work much better and don't come off until you pull them off. The TPE used has a much better coefficient of friction in addition to being a tighter fit. Toss the covers that come with your Swarovskis and use these instead.

Love Eagle Optics - 04/14/2011

by Jeffry W. from Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

I am a member of the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory and we all use you guys and love you guys and the service I got this time was excellent as always.

Jeff Wilkinson

Perfect - 10/16/2010

by Hoot151 from Sparks NV

Just like advertised, fit like a glove.

Swarowski binoc lens cover - 08/03/2010

by Daphne from washington

The product was good - the service superb.

Eagle Optics Tethered Lens Cover Set Lg - 04/03/2010

by J.R. Abel from Adrian, MI

I ordered these covers for my Leupold 10x50 Olympic binos. They fit perfectly! The fast and free delivery was a great bonus. These covers make a great pair of binos even better.

Great Lens Covers!! - 03/31/2010

by Brad from Wyoming

I put these covers on my Leupold Olympic 10x50. THEY ARE GREAT! The lens covers that came with the binos were useless and I bought these right away. Great price, fit perfectly and truly protect your lenses from the elements.

Highly recommended

Eagle Optics Tethered Lens Cover Set (Large) - 03/31/2010

by Chad Hahn from Tucson, AZ

I bought these to go on my Swift 820 Audubons. They fit perfectly. Worth getting.

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