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Eagle Optics Tethered Binocular Lens Cover Set (Medium)

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What's the first thing to get lost when you take your binoculars out in the field? The loose plastic caps provided by many manufacturers. Measure the outside diameter of the binocular barrel to determine which size of these tethered objective lens covers you need. These lens covers:

  • Fit an outside diameter of 50mm.
  • Come as a set of two lens covers.
  • Stay securely on the objective lens.

Total Reviews: 26

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Work great! - 01/11/2016

by CY from online

Found these after an exhaustive search online. I have a pair of 8x42 Nikon ATBs and the covers they came with were finicky and easy to lose. I put those away and ordered these after a quick customer service consult. The outside diameter of my binoculars measured a little over 50mm. I was worried the covers wouldn't fit, but the rubbery material they're made out if is stretchy and with a little bit of tugging, they fit great. Definitely would purchase another pair!

Pretty Much What I Needed - 11/17/2015

by Ben from Boot Heel of New Mexico

I have been through 2 sets of factory lens covers for the objective lenses of my Swarovski 10x42 SLC binocular. After a relatively short period, the factory lens covers will no longer stay closed while I am walking or moving around. I ordered a set from Eagle and they were delivered promptly, but they turned out to be too small. With the help of the sales representative at Eagle, I measured the outside diameter of the barrel and she recommended a set that are made for a Vortex binocular. We quickly made the exchange and the Vortex covers fit my Swarovski snugly--and they stay put. Eagle's customer service folks are among the very best.

The only negative comment that I can offer is that the tethers on the Vortex covers aren't as thick as those on the factory covers. I have had one person tell me that they break easier, but I tend to treat my optics gently and don't anticipate that this will be a problem. It it is, replacements are cheap.

Work Like a Charm - 05/30/2014

by Jack F. from United States

These caps fit like a glove-if you measure right they'll fit perfect. Tough material- if the connectors wear out over time-fine. I'll send these guys another 10 bucks and have new caps in 2 days- Beat that.
Now if they could only find a common fold down rubber eyecup source everybody is searching for to replace all the cracked ones out here, I'd roll over and let them scratch my belly.
Browns Valley, Ca

Good fit, poor durability - 05/06/2014

by James W. from Alaska

Replaced factory covers on pair of Bushnell Legend 8X42 binoculars.
Very good fit and worked great up until retaining strap broke on one lens and will soon break on the second cap. All this after not much time or use. This reflects similar complaints from other users. Bought some more mainly due to lack of options.

Love them! - 04/03/2014

by Ted from Boston

I used these on my Docter Optics 10x42 binos. After about 2-3 years the rubber rings eventually wore out and broke. Up until then they worked perfectly. I'm back to order another couple sets for my 8x42 Conquest HDs and the Docters. Great product from a great optics retailer!

Finally a solution for the Zeiss Conquest HD! - 06/11/2013

by Lance from Minnesota

I bought as a replacement for the world's worst factory covers on my wife's Nikon Monarch 8 x 42, assuming I was out of luck replacing the worlds second worst set of factory objective covers on the Zeiss Conquest HD 8 x 42 objectives. Much to my surprise, these work perfectly on the Zeiss! It does take a little work at first to slip on the caps and I can't say if they are entirely watertight, but it'd definitely functional and a tremendous improvement over the craptacular cover Zeiss includes! The bad news is that I now have to order a second set for the Nikons...

Tethered lens cover - 05/14/2013

by Terry H. from Washington Island, WI

I'm now ordering my second set of replacement lens covers. The tethering strap develops dry rot & breaks. One is broken and the other is just about to.

Eagle optics lens covers - 12/19/2012

by Earl K. from El dorado Hills CA

These do not hold up and the narrow retaining hinge broke within 6 months and the other is pending at a year.

simple and they work - 03/21/2012

by johnny from Torrington, CT

There is no losing these lens covers. I replaced my stock Nikon Monarch 8×42 objective lens covers with these from Eagle optics . Perfect snug fit. Fast shipping too!

Much cheaper. - 02/22/2012

by chad from Indiana

I got these for a pair of Swarovski EL 10x42 binoculars. I bought them used and they did not come with any and these were much cheaper then the swarovski covers. They do work but they are hard to put on, they fit a little tight.

Tethered Objective Lens Covers - 10/08/2011

by Jay from United States

Having lost one of the covers that came with my Eagle Optics Swift Audubon HHS binoculars, I contacted Eagle Optics about replacements. Their response was rapid and helpful. After one bout of faulty measuring (my bad), a set of new tethered covers arrived promptly, fit snuggly, and do their job perfectly.

I won't shop for optics and accessories anywhere else and I recommend Eagle Optics to anyone who asks for optics advice.

Lens cap review - 10/15/2010

by Howard from Forked River, NJ

These lens caps are superior to the caps that are original on my Nikon binoculars as they do not interfere with the objective lenses. I would recommend that the originals be replaced with Eagle Optics aftermarket lens caps.

Fits Nikon Monarch ATB 10X42 - 10/14/2010

by Mike C from Bloomington, IN

Perfectly snug fit for Nikon Monarchs. Good replacement for the lousy Nikon lens covers. Rubber construction seems sturdy.

lens covers - 09/15/2010

by sherman from NC

A pleasant experience

Perfect - 08/24/2010

by Pam from North Carolina

Fit my binos perfectly. Arrived quickly too. Thanks Eagle Optics!!

Good item, but can break if used without care - 07/30/2010

by Mark Hunter from U.S.

I have three pairs of these on three binoculars. They are excellent for their purpose. But a couple of individual covers have broken at the thin strap that joins the cap area to the ring area. This seems to happen when the ring area slips back on the lens barrel so that it is farther from the objective. That puts extra strain on the strap, which eventually breaks.

If you're careful to keep the ring always close to the end of the lens barrel, this likely won't be a problem.

With that caveat, I highly recommend these.

Great Service - 07/20/2010

by Elton from Newton, Iowa

Very easy to order these lens covers online. Quick delivery and excellent value with free shipping! Very good products!Thanks.

Lens cover replacement - 06/29/2010

by Marion from Somerville, nj

I ordered these for my Eagle Ranger...they are the same as the ones that came with the bins when they were new....that was 8 years ago and the covers finally broke and had to be replaced. I ordered the wrong size but Eagle Optics resent the correct size (S) promptly without any penalty to me. So easy to do business with this company!

Just what I needed. - 05/06/2010

by Aaron from Poynette, WI

I got a pair of floor model Alpha Extreme 10X42 from Cabela's bargain cave, so they didn't come with a case, covers etc. After searching for some time, I came across these, and they were out of stock. A few days later they had them and I ordered. Now I know why they are out of stock! For $7 you can't beat these! They are snug and easy on easy off. If you need covers for 42mm chances are these will fit.

Tethered Binocular Lens Cover Set (Medium) - 04/17/2010

by Robert Weiss from Allentown, PA

Received within several business days. Pretty much what I wanted. They fit my Nikon Monarch 8x42's. Excellent price.

Lens covers - 04/11/2010

by Dan Osborne from Las Vegas,NV

I have been looking for some after market lens covers when I stumbled across these. They arrived quickly and were snug when installing but fit well and will work great. Thanks.

lens covers - 03/29/2010

by Carol McCormack from Cobbs Creek VA

Thank you, first, for carrying the lens covers. We ordered them and received them quickly, and were able to take the binoculars on our wonderful trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Fit a pair on Nitrex Bino's - 03/29/2010

by Justin Maughan from Logan, UT

I bought these lens covers for a pair of 10X42 Nitrex Binoculars. They fit great.

These are the bomb! - 03/29/2010

by Chris Ragaisis from Milwaukee, WI

You have nice optics, you need to keep the lenses covered when not in use. The problem is that the caps are too loose, too tight, fall off at inopportune times and get lost.

Not any longer. These VERY inexpensive items work like a dream. They fit snugly, come off easily when you want it, go on tightly when you're done, and you NEVER lose them.

Go ahead. Replace your original lens caps with these and then throw the originals away. You're NOT going to miss them.

Bettter than Original covers - 07/04/2009

by Bruce Hammon from Utah

Great replacement covers. Fits my 7x35 Minolta perfect. I'm ordering another pair for my Winchesters.

Excellent replacement for Celestron Regal LX 8x42 caps - 03/04/2009

by Jonathan from New Rochelle, NY

These tethered lens covers function as designed. They fit snug, but are easy to cover and uncover the objectives. I highly recommend them.

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