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Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap

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When comfort is key, why not lighten your load? The Bino System harness strap spreads the weight of binoculars and cameras across your upper back and shoulders to eliminate neck strain. The harness strap keeps your binoculars from swinging as you stride along. Elastic straps are fully adjustable and let you move your binoculars or camera up and out as needed.

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Harness Strap saves your neck - 04/30/2011

by Leon H. from Oakville, ON

I recommend the Eagle Optics Bino Harness strap to anyone who wears binoculars for more than 10 minutes. It distributes the weight across the shoulders and provides an easy way of avoiding neck burn when wearing coller-less shirts.

Good value for money.

Ok, not great - 03/30/2011

by Michael P. from NE Mississippi

I'm a big-framed guy, and the harness fit me ok. I had problems with it riding up to rest on the back of my neck, however, which put the bino weight exactly where I didn't want it to be. I ended up not wearing the harness much.

I chose to replace the ziptie attachments with two metal mini-carabiners. Thus, I've got two split rings that stay on the binos themselves all the time, then a pair of mini-carabiners on both my neck strap and my harness. I'm able to swap suspension straps quickly this way. The carabiners I bought at a big box home improvement store have a threaded piece in the middle of the 'C' so that they screw tight and can't come open unexpectedly. I think that keeps my expensive binos much safer than a piece of ziptie plastic.

Bino Harness Strap - 03/14/2011

by Bill from Los Osos CA

While on birding walks, I often noticed other birders using this type of binocular strap system, but it always appeared too "fussy" to use.Last month I borrowed a pair of binos with this strap attached, and fell in love with it. Purchased one as soon as I got home. It takes 1/2 hr. or so to get used to this strap, but from then on it is a delight to wear and use. The binos stay next to my chest without bouncing or swaying while walking, yet the very streachy elastic straps allow easy access to raise and view through them. A great product!

Eagle Optics Harness Okay - 12/15/2010

by Tom from Decatur, AL

The Eagle Optics Harness is okay. It fits a big man very well and it is comfortable. My only complaint is that cheap cable ties are used to connect your binoculars to the harness system. That should be better designed.

Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap Oct 2010 - 11/19/2010

by Karl from Forest VA

I thought I would finally try one of these and I am very pleased. I hardly know I have binocs on me even with my heaviest pair. It does an excellent job of keeping the binocs close to me no matter what my position as compared to a neck strap and completely eliminates neck fatigue on long hikes. It was easy to figure out how to set up and adjust for the position I wanted the binocs to be in. It is a very high quality product.

works great - 10/21/2010

by Amy from New Orleans

Easy to attach to binocular and comfortable to wear.

Harness Strap - 10/19/2010

by Mim from Inman, SC

Like it very much and happy I can also use with my camera

making birding better in Ethiopia - 10/06/2010

by Diane from Ethiopia

When I moved here, after unpacking mountains of boxes, I discovered that my harness strap was nowhere to be find. I remember that I had received prompt service and quality products from Eagle Optics in the past so I recently ordered a new strap. Life is good again!

I am just an amateur birder, but have the opportunity to travel and work around the world, which allows me to find birds around the world. With my harness strap, my adventures are comfortable, and my binoculars are always at the ready when some new species enters my viewing range.

Thank you for good quality and great service.

Hands Free Harness Strap - 09/29/2010

by G from Wisconsin

I would highly recommend this harness strap to anyone who wants to have your binoculars handy, but be hands free the rest of the time. I wore this kayaking. You don't often have much time to get a good look at the wildlife when they pop into view quickly and are gone just as fast. So having my binoculars right there was GREAT! Very comfortable and adjustable. I am a large person and it still fit very nicely.

Neck Saver! - 09/10/2010

by Hillary from Utah

I am a professional wildlife biologist and I've used the same binocular harness for years. The elastic is finally starting to stretch a bit, so I'm buying another one. I'm purchasing some for my field crew, too!

Leather on harness strap - 07/28/2010

by Roger Lakhan from SC

Was a little disappointed to see that the harness contains leather. I try to avoid leather whenever possible & did not see mention of that in the product description before I bought it.

Straps - 07/20/2010

by Bill Chapin from Grayslake, IL

I've now purchased three sets of these straps, one for me and a set for my sister and her husband. I can't boast that I've compared them with other brands, but I bought one with a binocular purchase, and they've worked well. Very comfortable, springy feeling on the shoulders. Very easy to adjust to keep the binocs low or high on the chest. I keep mine pretty tight to help me stabilize the view. They also come with a simple way to connect to the binoculars without wearing the metal rings. I recommend them

Strapping! - 07/07/2010

by Paula Cahnnell from Tx.

What a great invention! You don't even know you're wearing the 'nocs. Hands free is great while walking along the trail or field and it's a snap to pick up the 'nocs for viewing the next bird. What a buy!

Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap - 05/19/2010

by Peter Kappes from Reunion, France

I'm a professional wildlife biologist who spends 100s of hours every year conducting bird surveys with heavy 7X50 SL bins. Traditional neck straps place far too much stress on my neck and don't allow me to use me hands while I'm moving through thick bush. The perfect solution is the Bino System Harness Strap. Since purchasing the harness strap I've never had a sore neck and can run, jump, and do anything else I need to do without worrying about my bins getting caught on something or swinging wildly about and getting damaged. I had my first strap for 10 years before the elastic finally stretched out and just purchased my second strap. They have been by far and away one of the best investments I've made and I highly recommend them!

nice harness - 05/12/2010

by Gina from san diego

My order was easy to place and I received my bino harness quickly! I have put my harness to the test and it is performing wonderfully. I had neck strain with the regular type strap that came with my binos, but now that is not the case!

Eagle Optics harness strap - 05/06/2010

by Linda from OH

This is my second Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap. It keeps the weight off my neck and is comfortable all day. Great strap!

Binoc Harness - 05/06/2010

by Rick from G'ville, Florida

Top notch quality, priced right....can't go wrong with this selection.

Great Buy - 04/23/2010

by Don Brault from North Highlands, CA

Very comfortable. Takes a load off the neck. Happy that I purchased it.

Harness Strap - 04/13/2010

by Ron Case from Lincoln, NE

I was out watching Sandhill Cranes and the harness kept my binoculars from "flopping around" while driving and stopping to view cranes. They worked great.

A Must for Binoculars! - 04/08/2010

by Virginia Fischer from Georgetown, Texas

I had a different brand harness strap for my binoculars which needed to be replaced. I am an active birder so I wanted a good quality strap. My new Eagle Optics strap seems to make my binoculars so much lighter and more comfortable! I am impressed with the quality compared to my old strap.

It becomes a part of you! - 04/07/2010

by Diane Holstrom from Elmhurst, IL

I love the Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap! It makes it so easy for the binoculars to become a part of you! Binoculars are handy, but out of the way. They do not flop around if you bend over and no weight is put on your neck. I would recommend this product for everyone from expert birders to travelers and anything in between.

Bino Harness strap review - 04/07/2010

by John F from San Diego

Overall I'm satisfied with this product. It does exactly what it says it will do, offload your neck and shoulders and distribute the weight of your bino's across your upper body and back. The strap is comfortable enough once its fitted. The only thing I thought was a little hokey was the zip ties and light gauge metal rings which are used as attachment points to the binoculars. It makes for a universal attachment, but it's just a little on the cheesy side - as far as function it works perfectly.

Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap - 03/30/2010

by Robert Smidt from Appleton, WI

My wife and I ordered 2 new Binoc harness straps to replace identical ones we have had for many years. They are comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, and very durable. The old ones had been washed numerous times, and eventually began to "stretch out" after much hard use.

If the new ones last as long as the first ones did, this may be the last ones we have to purchase.

Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap - we love it! - 03/30/2010

by Sharon Resseguie from Vermont

Recently purchased two of the harness straps at the recommendation of a relative. We love the comfort and the security of the harness. Have already realized that we carry our binoculars with us much more now that we have the comfort of the bino harness system.

Binocular Harness Works - 03/29/2010

by Jim Murphy from Yorktown, VA

I've used the binocular system harness for over 5 years without any problems. I've used it on all seven continents and wouldn't be without it. We're birders with Canon image stabilizing binoculars. Getting that weight off the neck and on the shoulders makes all the difference. The recent purchase was for my wife - she finally saw the light.

Harness Straps make carrying binoculars more comfortable - 03/29/2010

by V. Hoag from Michigan

I have been using the harness straps on 12x52 power binoculars. The straps make it comfortable to carry the binoculars for several hours. I have used them with heavy winter coats and lighter spring coats. It is easy to adjust them as the weather and coats change. Because of the design of my binoculars, I had to find a method of holding the lens caps on when I am not used the binoculars.

Excellent product works well for a short person - 01/26/2010

by Marisa from Brooklyn, NY

As a short person I was concerned that a "one size fits all" harness would be too long. I can happily report that the Eagle Optics harness keeps my binoculars easily accessible at a comfortable distance. It is easy to attach and well priced. It is a worthwhile investment for any birder or photographer wanting to avoid neck strain.

Must-have for anyone with full-size binoculars - 12/17/2009

by Brian Davis from Norman, OK

Regardless of how much foam or neoprene is wrapped around the neckstrap that came with your binoculars, stick it in the closet and buy one of these. Your neck will thank you, trust me. This harness system requires you to use included zip-ties to anchor small but very sturdy rings to the neckstrap slots on your binoculars, but this allows full range of motion and ample arm and shoulder space in the harness. I have used slightly cheaper harnesses before that have a neckstrap-like connection, but these systems are smaller and leave little room for your shoulders (I am a big guy), which is more troublesome when you need to put them over a heavy jacket. This one is a must-buy for everyone- if you spend time with your binoculars, you have to have one of these.

Binocular Harness Strap - Great Product - 08/19/2009

by Burney Huff from Lakewood, WA

I've just had time to use the binocular harness strap for a couple of hours. The binoculars attach easily and quickly. The design allows them to be raised to eye level effortlessly and to drop back into carrying position without hang-ups. The elastic straps hold them comfortably against my body. Best of all, the pressure of the strap against the back of my neck is gone. I hardly feel the shoulder straps. Great Product at a good price.

Not just for binoculars! - 07/01/2009

by Mary Sonier from New England

I bought one of these several years ago to use with my (then) new, heavy SLR Camera. I had found neck straps didn't keep the camera (and the telephoto lenses I love) from flopping around. Aside from being uncomfortable, I was constantly worried about damaging my equipment.

This harness was the perfect solution! Solidly made, it supports the camera much more comfortably than a strap, but still keeps it easily accessible.

HIGHLY recommended!

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