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Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap

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When comfort is key, why not lighten your load? The Bino System harness strap spreads the weight of binoculars and cameras across your upper back and shoulders to eliminate neck strain. The harness strap keeps your binoculars from swinging as you stride along. Elastic straps are fully adjustable and let you move your binoculars or camera up and out as needed.

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Play it again, Sam - 05/31/2016

by Christy from TX

This is our second pair of binoculars. We are avid birders and we love them.

Good buy and very comfortable - 03/08/2016

by Val E. from Florida

I bought this for my new binoculars and am delighted. The harness means I can wear the binoculars all day without any problem. One word of warning - the elastication means that if you pull the binoculars down and then let go (or in my case let them slip under a tabletop when you're wearing them and then stand up!) you risk a hefty blow under the jaw once they are free to spring back. I learned this very quickly and wouldn't be without either the binoculars or the harness.

Comfort - 11/27/2015

by John from Milwaukee

No neck fatigue like you normally experience with the standard neck strap. Highly recommended if you want your binocs at the ready any moment, if they stay in your bag until use this is not needed.

Eagle Optics Bino Harness - 09/15/2015

by Kevin F. from Indianapolis, IN

Get this harness. It works great with my 8 X 42 binoculars. Harness keeps the binoculars close to my chest. Even when climbing through underbrush and over fences, the binoculars stay put and don't swing around. The elastic straps allow me to simply grab the binoculars and put them up to my eyes to scan distant terrain. I wear them over my shirt or jacket and under my hunting vest. Worth way more than I paid for them.

Great protection for valuable equipment! - 06/23/2015

by David from Charleston, SC

As Director of an Environmental Education Center, I have a fleet of EO Shrikes and Denali's for our birding classes. I replaced every single neck strap with a binocular harness, and now I am confident in giving even 1st graders some good quality binoculars, knowing that, short of somersaulting on the beach, these binoculars are not going to be dropped, forgotten, dragged in the sand etc...
Non of the 25 harnesses that I have used have failed on me, or shown significant wear and tear for the past 4 years.
Once again, Eagle Optics sells a well-made, thoughtfully designed and effective product. Well done!

One Caveat: In the last few years, EO has improved the product to include a grometted fabric strap to attach the harness to the binoculars without use of zip ties. BRAVO! This works (with some brute force) with Denali's, Shrikes, Rangers, and Ranger ED's. However, please note that the strap attachment for the EO Kingbirds is too narrow, so you have to resort to zip ties. They work, but are not the most elegant solution.
Eagle Optics, I encourage you to improve upon an already incredibly well designed system, to either widen the strap attachment for the Kingbird, or provide a grommetted fabric alternative to the zip ties that is narrow enough to work (I recognize that that may be impossible).

I am happy I bought this harness. - 06/02/2015

by Sally from Rhode Island

The harness is easy to put on and very comfortable

great harness - 05/18/2015

by Tracey from Colorado

This harness works great. It makes carrying the binoculars a breeze. I've worn it on several 4 or 5 hour long birding hikes and my neck and shoulders didn't ache at all. It is very easy to adjust to your body size.

It's a no-brainer. Buy it! - 04/13/2015

by Ram S. from Arlington, MA

I recently bought the Eagle Optics Bino System Strap and love it. My only regret is that I waited 3 months to get it! The carrying system is much better than hanging the binoculars on your neck with a standard factory strap (they can be such a pain in the neck!). The system to attach the binoculars to the harness is pretty simple. The eyelets on my binoculars (Vanguard 8x42 ED II) were large enough for the nylon mini loops and I did not have to use the zip ties (some binocular brands have eyelets that are too small). The binoculars do not bounce when you walk with them attached to the strap and picking up the bins to brings them to eye-level feel natural. The price for this harness is very reasonable. No point paying for a more expensive harness when this one gets the job done.

good quality - 04/07/2015

by Paul M from Kansas

This is my second harness set--they eventually stretch, but they last many years. These are good quality and a real advantage for extended use. You hardly know you are carrying the binos.

don't need the extra loops - 03/18/2015

by Paul M from Kansas

This is my second set of bino harness. I thought I might need to purchase the extra loops to fasten the straps to the binos but the harness comes with identical loops and rings to connect.

Strap - 01/07/2015

by Jonathan B. from NJ

I purchased the strap as part of a new pair of binoculars, and they function very well, and are easy to adjust.

Wouldn't leave home without them. - 10/09/2014

by Curtis W. from Kentucky

If you are not using a binocular strap like this one, well, you need to have your head examined! I just went for a ride on my mountain bike with this strap and my binos, worked great, didn't bounce around much, highly recommended.

Useful - 09/17/2014

by Wendy from Syracuse, NY

This harness strap system is easy to use, comfortable, and makes long hours with a binocular practically unnoticeable. Wish I'd gotten one sooner.

Excellent Decision - 08/14/2014

by James H. from Raleigh, NC

I had never used a binoc harness strap before, but had recommendations for the Eagle Optical product from a veteran birding friend. I ordered and received it both efficiently and rapidly. After hooking my binocs up to it, I couldn't figure why I waited so long to make this purchase. It works beautifully. No more awkwardly dangling binoculars while hiking and frequently leaning over to take pictures or stooping to observe anything below eye level. The slight tension the harness provides also helps stabilize the binocs while viewing through them. A great product!

Great harness - 03/24/2014

by Wendy C. from Australia

I bought the Optics Bino Harness for my newly purchased Eagle Optics Binoculars. So far I havent used the harness as the binoculars have a very comfortable strap with tapered neck piece and are very light weight. I'm going to try it for my camera. For longer trips it may be great. Excellent value too as is the 8 by 32 ED binoculars C.w much dearer brands!

Harness strap review - 03/07/2014

by Jeff B. from Illinois

I enjoy the product. It is really nice to be able to hike around and not your binoculars swinging wildly. I would strongly recommend the product for anyone who plans to use their binoculars in the field. Strap set up is easy as are adjustments.

Relieves neck strain - 02/18/2014

by Taylor C. from Maryland

I bought these based on a friend's recommendation. They keep my binoculars from bouncing and don't cause any neck pain, unlike the neck strap that my binoculars came with. My only issue was that the little webbing straps for connecting the harness to the binos didn't fit the strap loop on my binos, so I had to use the zip ties included with the harness instead of the webbing strap. I was a little worried about the zip tie breaking but it's survived a two-week birding trip just fine.

No more sore necks! - 02/02/2014

by Bill from Oakland

I got the harness to go with my new ED SO Ranger 8x42s which are pretty heavy compared with my old Rangers. I'm very impressed how effective the harness is in reducing strain on my neck. The quality seems to be excellent so far and attaching them to the binoculars was a breeze. I wish I had got a harness years ago but I really had no idea how effective they would be. The increased weight of the ED binoculars over my old standard Rangers is absolutely no issue with the harness. Get one if you get a sore neck after a couple of hours of birding.

Good fit - 01/07/2014

by Tonya G. from Mason City

These easily fit our binoculars and adjusted to our kids frames ages 11,9,7.

These are great - 12/26/2013

by Rick from Southeast U.S.

I really like this harness. It keeps binoculars close by and prevents them from swinging while walking. My only complaint is that when looking up at a steep angle, the tension from the harness can fatigue the arms rather quickly. It will also work with a camera. Overall I am very happy with this harness.


by DALE from Canton, TX

I recently purchased two new pairs of Eagle Optic Rangers and harness straps for both.
I highly recommend the harness strap, it takes the weight of carrying the bins away from your neck so you don't have neck problems at the end of the day.

I had purchased a Eagle Optics Bino Harness Strap about 10 years and while it was still definitely usable, the elastic had stretched out enough to the point since I was getting new bins, I ought to have a new strap.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the harness strap.

Binoc harness strap - 10/25/2013

by r c from Colorado

Much better than the current OpTech strap. 2 buckles on each side allow much greater adjustment range. Small plastic clip attaches harness easily to binocs via small cable ties. Rainguard then attaches easily to left harness strap via shoelace and cordlock. Would prefer non-elastic webbing but all similar straps now use elastic.

Optech bino/camera harness still uses non-elastic webbing but now has a long male-female side loop to attach to the binoculars which makes it bad. Adjustment has only one buckle per side and with the long side loop this does not work for medium to short people.

Eagle optic harness strap - 09/25/2013

by Mike from Wisconsin

Easy to adjust. Works well with the 8x42 Ranger Binocular. This product takes the stress off neck and back when birding for extended amounts of time.

No more headaches - 06/05/2013

by Cindy W from Gilbert,AZ

I used to get really bad headaches from my binoculars hanging around my neck. Not to mention neck and shoulder pain. This harness strap is so worthwhile I would never use my binoculars without it. Other than "warbler neck", I no longer have pain from the weight of my binoculars.

An excellent "bird bra" - 05/15/2013

by The Other Jim H. from Oakland, CA

If you're a serious birder, you probably already own a "bird bra," or as Eagle Optics calls it, "Bino System Harness Strap." This is a vast improvement over the neck strap that still comes (after all this time) as standard equipment on binoculars.

The harness redistributes the weight of the binoculars from your neck to your chest and shoulders, making it much more comfortable to bird all day long. (You do stay out all day, don't you?)

I like the design of this harness, which provides two different adjustments, making it possible to get the binoculars to stay exactly where you want them.

One problem with ANY harness like this: over time, the elastic stretches out and the binocs wind up around your waist. Then it is time to get a new harness. This is an excellent choice for a replacement: it works well and is priced reasonably. I highly recommend it.

One other thing: the rings and cable ties that come with the kit are important. Note that the kit supplies extra ties. Don't leave them at home! I have saved more than one trip by having an extra tie handy when the old one breaks.

Best accessory ever! - 04/06/2013

by Irene from TX

Can't be without this harness. When birding the binocs are always right there AND it really helps with the safety of the binoc as it doesn't swing around when you bend to see something. Much better than the neck strap.

Bino Harness Strap - 02/19/2013

by Kathy from Minnesota

HIghly recommended! Much easier on your neck if you are in the field all day, and the binos don't flop around or hit things when you lean over. I also use the harness straps for my camera with telephoto lens, where it is even more advantageous because the camera is much heavier than my binos, and if you adjust the strap lengths you can wear and use camera and binos at the same time. I don't see many birders using a harness strap system, but it really is the way to go. I will never use a neck strap again.

Perfect! - 09/22/2012

by A. H. from California

Very easy to connect, and very comfortable to wear! No complaints. The straps are easily adjusted and could fit lots of different sizes of people.

Bino harness that works - 04/25/2012

by Denise from Apex, NC

I have tried other bino harness systems and they did not work.The Eagle Optics harness is comfortable and allows for easy use of the binoculars with no neck or shoulder strain. Several family members use this product and all recommend it.

Harness System Works Well - 04/13/2012

by Jerry from South Carolina

We bought two harness straps. They work well for both a male 6-footer, me, and a female 5.5-footer, my wife. They are very comfortable, fully adjustable, and much better than a standard neck strap. I can carry my camera or scope and not be hindered by binoculars that get in the way. Highly recommended.

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