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American Birding Association Harness Strap

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The American Birding Association brings birders together to help protect, preserve, and restore our irreplaceable bird populations and vital natural resources. Show your support for this important organization and lighten your load by wearing the ABA harness strap. This harness keeps your binocular or camera from swinging and spreads the weight of equipment across your upper back and shoulders to eliminate neck strain. Elastic straps are fully adjustable and let you move your gear up and out as needed.

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Binocular Harness Strap - 04/05/2016

by Thomas H. from Massachusetts

This harness strap, which I believe is manufactured by Crooked Knife is a marvelous item. They could improve this product by incorporating a half-twist into each strap so that the straps lay neatly across the lower ribs. I recommended this improvement to them after my first purchase several years ago. This is the second one of these harnesses I have purchased and I have asked my wife, the seamstress, to rework it for my comfort.

Harness strap - 08/16/2015

by Steuart G. from CT

I have only used once so far, but they do what they are meant to do, hands free and comfort.

Good Harness - 12/03/2012

by Bonnie E. from Hidden Valley Lake, CA

I purchased the harness for my 8 year old granddaughter. It was too big even after total adjustment, although it was totally useable for her. I'm sure she will grow into it eventually. I have two similar harnesses and this one is comparable in quality.

No one seems to offer a "youth sized" harness, which is too bad, as the hands free option when your are checking your guide or writing in your log is perfect. My binoculars are always at the ready and don't put weight on the back of my neck.

American Birding Association Harness Strap - 11/16/2012

by Scott B. C. from Mount Laurel, NJ

Functional. Easy to adjust. Would be a bit better if the visible side of the harness strap was a different color (black) vs the inside side of the would make it easier to determine if the strap was twisted so that one wouldn't look even dweebier than one already does wearing the harness.

ABA Shoulder Harness - 09/15/2012

by James R. from San Antonio, Texas

I have used this strap since they first came out, I am now finally having to replace it due to the
elasticity wearing out, but I have no complaints, since I have had to replace many items of clothing due to wear. I highly recommend the strap. It prevents your binoculars from swinging
around, or from moving from your chest when you bend over. It relieves weight strain.
I could never imagine going back to the old single strap around the neck. I have one of these for
both my camera and binoculars. When I first bought it everyone was interested, now I see more
of these than I do the old single strap.

Quite Satisfactory - 08/07/2012

by Mona from Tampa, FL

I bought the ABA harness as a gift for a friend who had just purchased a pair of Swarovski EL 8 x 42 binoculars and was concerned about their weight (which is several ounces more than the binoculars she was replacing). On a recent birding trip we took together, she reported the ABA harness to be everything she had hoped for in reducing strain on her lower back and shoulders. She was also impressed that everything she needed to attach the strap was included in the box. On our trip, other birders noticed the ABA strap and inquired about it. They were particularly pleased to learn that its purchase supports the ABA.

Can't Believe I Waited So Long - 04/03/2012

by Donald from Arkansas

Wow! Comfortable beyond wildest expectations. Now, need one for camera.

Binocular harness - 05/11/2011

by PG from Texas

I have never used any strap previously. The strap is very comfortable. I don't even realize I am wearing it. Have used only a month or less and cannot comment on durability.

work great - 11/25/2010

by Orv from va

This strap system works great for kayak birding however the original hook connector broke so I replaced it with a much better quick release connector.

Best strap for binoculars - 11/23/2010

by Robin from Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

I have used many straps with my cheap heavy binoculars over 35 years of birding. Even the best padded straps do not compare to this strap. Though work provides me with a better pair of binoculars than my own, I have preferred my own over the past 18 months simply due to the strap.

ABA Harness Binocular Strap - 11/21/2010

by Virginia from Danville

I have used this strap for my high quality but heavy binoculars for about seven years. It makes binocular wearing very comfortable on the shoulders. My only frustration is that the elastic eventually wears out and I have to replace the strap. My husband's reaction was to make his own strap of heavy binding that was not elastic. That works well for him but damaged my sewing machine!

Bino Harness - 09/14/2010

by B.L. from AZ/OR

The binocular harness works very well. It keeps the weight of the binoculars off the neck and on the shoulders.....
The longevity of the elastic is of concern. The test of time will answer that question.

Perfect for me - 09/04/2010

by Diana from Port Townsend,WA

Being short (5'0") has it's own problems when wearing binoculars; mostly in having to wear them uncomfortably which then results in back and shoulder pain. This harness strap makes birding for me much more enjoyable now that I can even out the weight of the bins and feel almost no stress. Someone had stolen my original one so I was very happy to be able to replace it. Helping out the ABA is great too.

Satisfied - 03/29/2010

by Bright Winn from San Francisco

I saw other birders wearing the binocular harness. I bought one and am extremely satisfied with it. If keeps my binoculars from bouncing against my chest as I walk, and they are readily accessible at all times.

Be Careful! - 01/21/2010

by Brian Kane from Amherst, MA

If you plan to use this strap with Swarovski EL42 binoculars, it will not work. The clips to attach harness strap to binoculars to not fit and one must use the split rings that come with the harness strap. After a year of use, the split rings had nearly cut through the attachment points on my binoculars. I'm lucky I caught this before the attachment points broke. I do not know if this occurs with other binoculars.

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