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Crooked Horn Slide/Flex Bino System Strap (Black)

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Eliminate neck fatigue!The Crooked Horn Bino System is designed to support the weight of binoculars on your shoulders and back for comfortable viewing.

  • Elastic straps allow the binoculars to slide up and flex out when in use.
  • Fully adjustable and works for all sizes of binoculars, rangefinders, and cameras.
  • Crooked Horn Lifetime Warranty

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Bino Strap System-Great Idea - 09/10/2011

by Ray from Olympia, WA

I took a birding class last winter and the instructor had one of these on his binos. As a boater I've used binos for years and worn them for hours at a time so I immediately realized that this was a great idea. Like anything new it took awhile to get used to putting them on and to get them adjusted to fit but now it's second nature and I can wear binoculars all day without getting a head/neck-ache. Under no circumstances should you attach the straps to your binoculars with metal clips or the metal rings. Metal will eat though the attachment points on the binoculars and probably invalidate the warranty. The plastic wire ties are quite durable but like anything you should check them from time to time and you can buy replacements at any hardware store. They don't look cheesy if you clip off the ends close to the slide though part. I cut the metal hooks off a small black bungee cord, heated the ends with a match to seal them and made a professional looking elastic string to hold the lens covers on and I was set.

One Small Change Needed for Crooked Horn Slide/Flex Bino System Strap - 08/30/2011

by Mike from Michigan

I really like using my Crooked Horn Slide/Flex Bino System Strap. It is a true neck saver, and putting it on and removing it are second nature after very few uses.
My one, and only, criticism is that the plastic "zip tie" attachment seemed cheesy. In addition, the zip tie didn't seem like right for sliding my lens cover over. I had someone sew loops of old binocular strap that the D-rings of the assembly attach to - much better.
Again, great product after one small change that the manufacture could make. I have purchased one as a gift for a friend.
Respectfully, Mike

Great straps! - 08/25/2010

by Bill from Austin, Texas

They keep your binoculars from flopping around and provide quick and easy access.

Kudos! - 07/01/2010

by anna from MA

Easy to install; would rate excellent...easy to use! Definitely a good gift for a binoc user..

Crooked Horn binocular strap - 05/29/2010

by Bill from Dayton, Ohio

I've had the earlier type [no flex straps, two leather holders at the back for the straps] for many many years. This new [to me, anyway] kind is very much better: The elastic in the straps makes it easier to stabilize the binoculars, and the single leather holder makes it a LOT easier both to get the thing on and to take it off! Five stars!

Nice Harness - 05/11/2010

by Steve from Wyoming

Although I haven't used them hunting yet, the Crooked Horn binocular harness feels perfect with my Swarovski EL 8x32.

Price is reasonable. Free shipping was fast and the deciding factor in buying from Eagle Optics.

Dinged 1/2 star because fastener clips on harness should be metal vs plastic. Plastic clips might become brittle over time and in cold weather.

Other than that I am very pleased with the quality and would recommend to others.

Good system - 05/06/2010

by Aaron from Poynette,WI

This was my first bino harness, so I wasn't sure what to expect, and I don't have much to compare against. This system seems to have the perfect balance: the binos stay close to your body when not in use, but are easily brought up when needed. The elastic seems to be just the right strength, as long as it doesn't loosen up over time

Great Binocular strap - 05/06/2010

by Jeffrey from Washington

Very good product. Highly recommend for anyone who hunts/hikes with binoculars.

Great Bino Harness! - 07/01/2009

by Lauren Fuerst from Logan, Utah

I have been looking for a bino strap/harness that distributed the weight of the binos but also left them easily accessible. This harness has been the solution to my problems, and was also very affordable.

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