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iMainGo 2 iPod Stereo Speaker System

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Powerful, portable speakers.

"...the iMainGo gives you a sturdy and protective system with surprisingly good sound quality; in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find better sound quality at this size. If the idea of a speaker case appeals to you, the iMainGo is easily the best one we've seen yet."


The iMainGo® 2 is an ultra-portable stereo for all iPods®, iPhone®, iPod® Touch, Zune® (second generation), and most other MP3 players. The case for these audio players and music phones also protects the titanium, high-output stereo speaker system. Other features of the iMainGo 2 include:

  • Ultra-efficient digital music amplifier
  • High-output stereo speakers
  • Tuned porting for enhanced bass reproduction
  • Ability to control and view MP3 player without opening the iMainGo 2
  • Wake-up alarm feature for alarm-equipped iPods
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.7 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches
Weight 9.0 ounces
Battery 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries (included)
Battery Life Up to 30 hours of playtime
  • Batteries
  • Removable carry strap
  • One-Year limited warranty

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iMainGo 2 Rapidly Drains the iPod Touch Battery - 03/06/2012

by Peter from Harrisonburg, VA

The iMainGo 2 has been recommended by many birders for use with an iPod Touch. I have used the device for 2 years. There is a major problem with the iMainGo 2. It very rapidly Drains the iPod Touch Battery so much so that even if you use the device sparingly it is easy to completely drain the iPod battery during less than one day of birding so that the iPod will not work. And unless you have a portable battery to recharge the iPod you will be out of luck.

It is possible to slightly conserve the iPod battery by turning off the iMainGo 2 switch when not in use. Even doing this, the battery drain will continue. The only solution would be to unplug the iMainGo 2 connection from the iPod. Given the construction of the iMainGo 2, either solution is difficult. the iMainGo 2 switch is inside. To unplug the iPod requires removing the iPod from its tucked in position in the case.

Simply the best - 10/17/2010

by Max T from New York

After getting one of these for my wife, I decided I had to have one for myself. The Full rich quality sound is amazing and is unmatched; No tinny stuff here!
If you are looking for a way to play your podcasts and music then look no further. You won't be disappointed.

2nd review item - 05/23/2010

by MIKE from NYA MN

AS to MainGo
Went out on 2day event this weekend 5/21, 22
and gave it a trial run.

ONLY BIG Problem
UNLESS I have missed something
TO turn off the ITouch
One has to take it out of the Go2
to do so - or the battery runs down
too soon! In the field thats a problem
So taking out - putting back in is a hassle
in field work - ANY hints?
Did I miss something?

LOUD and CLEAR - 05/21/2010

by Mike from NYA, MN

iMainGo 2 Ipod is just that, go.

Works very well in the field -
Protects my iPOD32 and does a great job!
TRIED many ways to do what GO-2 does.
This IS the best hands down/with iPOD.

One item of interest would be to put a
neck cord on it - just clip to zipper on the GO-2

Kinda heavy and easy to fall out of a loose pocket!

use of iMainGo 2 iPod stereo speaker - 04/11/2010

by Patti Reum from Virginia

This product is great for birding research. I am working on a warbler study and it is an invaluable tool for finding the bird.
Very easy to figure out, even for someone like me who is somewhat techologically-challenged!

Great for use in the field - 03/30/2010

by G Morris from Fort Worth TX

I've used this with my iTouch and LOVE it. Keeping the ABA Code of Ethics in mind, I've used it at several locations to ID bird calls using iBird Pro. Love it! The volume is good and clear.

excellent product for my iTouch - 06/29/2009

by Beverly K. from New Mexico

I just received my unit, and use it with my iTouch, in combination with the BirdJam Maker. I am a birder & bird photographer, and use my iTouch/BirdJam Maker combo in the field. I look forward to using the iMainGo 2, as it is one unit (I previously had to plug my iTouch into separate speakers ... very cumbersome), seems very sturdy, and has excellent sound.

I don't understand the previous reviewer's complaint that his/her iTouch would not fit ... I have the iTouch 32 GB, and it fits just fine, both with and without the supplied foam backing. My only complaint is that the on/off controls for the iTouch are blocked once the unit is inside the case, and you have to rely on the 1 minute timer to power the iTouch down.

Seems like a small price to pay for easy portabity & protection, & high quality sound.

Bad Fit - Excellent product - 01/12/2009

by Neal Alston from Yuma, AZ

The unit will not fit the Apple ITouch Ipod into the case. Too tight. Plastic prevents it from going in. Short cord so cannot use from outside of case. Great unit - Great sound!

It if fit, would give it 5 stars, but in this case a 3 star.