The buzz is beginning.

Midwest Birding Symposium

Like bees swarming to the hive, birders are flocking to the Midwest Birding Symposium website to pre-register for the 2013 festival. Hosted by Bird Watcher's Digest, The Ohio Ornithological Society, and The Lakeside Association, this much loved biennial event takes place September 19-22 in Lakeside, Ohio.

The MBS once again returns to Lakeside, Ohio as the launching point for its festival where bird watchers sighted a total of 144 unique species in 2011. From meadows, woodlands, and shrubby thickets to marshlands, rivers, and open harbors, the cross section of habitat in the Lake Erie Western Basin offers incredible birding opportunities. Would you like to get a feel for what the MBS experience is like? Check out the speaker clips, attendee comments, and Facebook video from the 2011 Symposium.

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