Digiscoping Defined

Cedar Waxwing. Photo courtesy of Mike McDowell.

Digiscoping is a unique kind of photography using a digital camera and a field spotting scope. Now you can expand your ability to photograph the wonders of nature by putting your digital camera to work with any spotting scope.

If you plan to invest in a spotting scope for digiscoping, the best results will come from high quality optical systems featuring High Definition (HD), Extra-low Dispersion (ED), and Fluoride (FL) glass.

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Equipment Choices

What You Really Need for Digiscoping
Choosing a Quality Tripod for Success
Avoid the Number One Problem of New Digiscopers
Focus Fast with a Helical Focuser
Selecting a Point and Shoot Digital Camera
Selecting a Digital SLR Camera
Videoscoping with a Swarovski ATS 80 HD ScopeVideo
Digiscoping with a Digital SLR
Finding the Right TripodVideo
Choosing the Right Tripod HeadVideo
Choosing an Angled or Straight Spotting ScopeVideo
Digiscoping with the Swarovski ATX/STX Spotting ScopeVideo

How-to Techniques

Improve Perspective Using the Tripod
Digiscope Better in Low Light
Achieve a Sharp Image Focus
Stitch Images Together
Reduce Noise on Digiscoped Images
Remove Purple Color Fringing
Setting up the Swarovski Digiscoping AdapterVideo
Setting up the Swarovski Universal Camera AdapterVideo
Digiscoping: The Key to Clarity
Optical Zoom and Focal Length
Digiscoping FundamentalsVideo
Digiscoping With Point-n-Shoot Cameras: Using The Vortex
     PS-100 Attachment
Digiscoping With The Vortex Razor HDVideo
Using The Picatinny Rail On The Vortex Viper Spotting ScopeVideo

Field Tips

How to Improve Your Field Craft
How to Get Closer to Wildlife
Digiscoping Up Close, a la Arthur Morris
The Benefits of Taking Video Footage
Digiscoping Dragonflies

Online Digiscoping Resources

Mike McDowell's Digiscoping
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